23-year-old wanted for killing 3 roommates in Virginia caught in New York

After a hunt lasting over a day, the triple-murder suspect Alyssa Jane Venable of Spotsylvania, VA was captured in New York.

Wednesday, Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office announced 23-year-old Venable was wanted for three counts of 2nd degree murder and using a firearm in the commission of a felony. She is accused of killing her roommates who were found Tuesday night at around 10 p.m. in their shared home.

Venable and the three victims, each rented a room inside of a brick house in the 10500 block of White Street Court, reported Fox 5 DC.

Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office had advised that Venable may be in a 2009 Honda Civic.

On June 6th, shortly after 5:30 p.m. New York State troopers attempted to stop a vehicle matching that description, but the car didn’t stop, NY State Police stated.

Instead, a chase ensued along Interstate 86 leading to Steuben County Sheriff’s Office joining in to assist the state troopers, NYSP added. During the pursuit, a tire deflation was deployed, which resulted in the Civic crashing.

NYSP said Venable was transported by ambulance to Guthrie Corning Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

As of last night, NYSP was working to obtain a fugitive warrant for her and said extradition arrangements will be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office said it’s working very closely with NYSP for any evidence recovery as the case “is still in the infancy stages.”

Amid the hunt for Venable, Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office released a picture of Venable with long, curly hair and said she may have shaved her head to help avoid detection. Her NY mugshot shows her still having hair, but much shorter.

Alyssa Venable’s mugshot in New York (Photo: Public records)

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