Stafford prostitution investigation leads to 3 investigations, 5 arrests

An undercover prostitution investigation in Stafford unfolded into the three investigations that led to the arrest of five people, most of them wanted. And, it all occurred in one night.

According to Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, the series of events began with First Sergeant Detective R.J. Grella, head of the Special Investigations Unit, on the prowl for prostitution. He connected with a suspect online. They agreed to meet at the Staybridge Suites located at 2996 Richmond Highway.

It was about 7:11 p.m. when Grella arrived at the hotel along with some Stafford patrol deputies. The female suspect Grella met was found to have controlled substances in the room, SCSO reported.

Amid that investigation, the officers learned that there was another potential prostitution incident in the same hotel on an upper floor, SCSO stated.

Staybridge Room #2

Upstairs, in the second hotel room, the officers found five people. Three ended up in jail.

There was 28-year-old Brandon McKinney of Aroda who had controlled substances, according to SCSO. He was charged with two counts of possession.

Crystal Smith, age 32, of Stafford was wanted in Fairfax for felony failure to appear and was arrested for her outstanding warrant.

SCSO reported that Earl Fisher, a 39-year-old from Fairfax, gave officers a false name. He was then was found to be wanted in Fairfax for contempt of court and in Prince William for failure to comply with support. SCSO said he was then found with controlled substances. Fisher was charged with drug possession, possession with the intent to distribute, providing a false identity, and unlawful name change.

Additionally, once at Rappahannock Regional Jail, McKinney and Fisher attempted to smuggle drugs in, which SCSO said earned each of them another charge for a felony committed by a prisoner.

Motel 6

The investigation of the people and events in that second Staybridge hotel room provided information about a yet another potential prostitution incident at the Motel 6 on Warrenton Rd., said SCSO.

The suspects at that location were 33-year-old Evan Williams of Stafford and 31-year-old Krystina Frame of Spotsylvania, and SCSO said both were wanted.

At Motel 6, the Special Investigation Unit conducted surveillance on the room until, at about 1:36 a.m. when both of the suspects came out. SCSO said when deputies attempted to stop them, they ran.

Frame was caught quickly and arrested for drug possession, obstruction of justice, and her felony failure to appear warrant for Spotsylvania. Williams got away but was found “a short time later” hiding on Musselman Rd., SCSO reported. He was arrested for drug possession, trespassing, and served with the outstanding Stafford warrants for felony failure to appear and “numerous probation violations.”

All five of the individuals arrested were initially being held without bond.

The initial prostitution suspect was not charged, but warrants may be obtained at a later date, SCSO stated. Likewise, the police say charges may be filed against the remaining two people from the second hotel room at a later time.

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