+Year-long lane closures on Eltham Bridge in West Point starting next week

If you travel between West Point and New Kent, be advised that work will begin on Eltham Bridge next week and is expected to continue through August 2025.

VDOT said there will a $5.6 million effort that consists of three different projects.

That work includes applying a concrete sealant to the deck, installing a new gutter system on the movable portion of Eltham Bridge, and installing new utility hangers to attach water and sewer pipes under the bridge.

Work begins May 20

On Monday, May 20, work will begin. Those on Rt. 30/33 should expect work crews, equipment, and barrels along the route.

Starting at 8 a.m., there will be a lane closure for eastbound traffic that will remain in place until noon on Friday, May 24.

That closure will return at noon on Tuesday, May 28 running through Friday, May 31 at noon.

After that, Route 30/33 will be reduced to three travel lanes across the Pamunkey River four days a week until August 2025.

No weekends or holidays

VDOT said no work will be done on weekends or holidays.

From the end of May through next summer, the 24-hour lane closure will run from 8 a.m. Mondays through noon on Fridays.

VDOT said the hope is that having a lane closed 24 hours a day will allow crews to accelerate to completion of the projects.

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