2 Charged with Murder in Norfolk After ‘Homicide’ Ruling for Infant Death

A pair in Norfolk are facing murder charges after the death of a 9-day-old baby, Norfolk Police announced.

On Saturday, around 1:15 p.m., NPD was called to the Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters for a child protection call. When officers arrived, the baby was already unresponsive and later the infant was pronounced dead, the department stated.

Hilary D. Johnson, 23, and Zibreyea S. Parker, 21, were taken into custody and initially charged with child abuse.

Then, on May 6, the medical examiner ruled the baby’s death was a homicide. NPD said the charges were upgraded to 2nd degree murder.

Both are being held in Norfolk City Jail without bond.

Johnson’s grandfather put the young parents out after Parker had the baby, and they started living in a tent, The Virginian – Pilot said court documents state.

Johnson and Parker claimed they woke up and found the baby unresponsive prompting them to take her to the hospital, The Virginian – Pilot said the documents also show.

However, examination and the autopsy found the child had severe burns on both feet, other “splash burns”, lacerations, bruises from her head to her feet and suffered broken ribs, a broken clavicle, and showed signs of shaken baby syndrome, said The Virginian -Pilot.

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