Arrests, drug busts, cash seizures: Wythe Sheriff says expect more

In an effort that’s over a month long and counting, Wythe County Sheriff’s Office said they have been targeting “large amounts of methamphetamine and firearms being distributed in Wythe County.”

WCSO has been serving search warrants, making arrests, and has seized thousands of dollars along with thousands of grams of illegal drugs.

West Monroe St. bust

WCSO reported that on April 23, members of the Drug Task Force and Tactical Team executed a search warrant on a West Monroe St. home in Wytheville.

In addition to a total of $5,986 gathered from the residence and a vehicle, the Sheriff’s Office said deputies seized:

  • 341 grams of meth
  • 14 grams of cocaine
  • 223 grams of Psilocybin mushrooms

Gary Edward McKinney Jr., 35, of Wytheville was arrested and charged with “various” offense related to possessing and selling drugs. McKinney was held at the New River Valley Regional Jail with no bond, WCSO reported.

Firearm accessories & drugs on Copenhaver

Amid the investigation, WCSO said officers gathered information from prior arrests, confidential informants, and surveillance that led to them getting a search warrant on May 17 for a residence on Copenhaver Rd. in Wytheville.

While police were executing the search warrant, they found Anthony Joshua Thomas, a Wythe County man who was wanted for failure to appear on charges of eluding law enforcement and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

That initial search warrant was for firearms and ammunition. And WCSO said officers found ammunition and firearm accessories.

Officers also found narcotics prompting them to get another search warrant for the drugs. Ultimately, over 1,100 grams of meth and 9 grams of illegal psilocybin mushrooms were seized, WCSO reported.

The Sheriff’s Office did not report that Thomas was arrested, and no charges were announced against him.

(Photo: Wythe County Sheriff)

Warrants & arrest of Porter

WCSO announced that on May 22 warrants were obtained for Kelly Ann Porter for possession of ammunition by a convicted felon, possession of a Schedule I or II controlled substances, and possession of 200 grams or more of a meth mixture with intent to distribute.

Because it was believed Porter had left the area, the U.S Marshals Service adopted the warrants for Porter, said WCSO.

But a lead came in about her whereabouts and members of WCSO’s Narcotics Units and the U.S. Marshal Task Force found her in the parking lot at Rosie’s Gaming Emporium in Vinton, and she was taken into custody.

Kelly Porter (Photo: Wythe Sheriff’s Office)

WCSO said in addition to serving another search warrant for a hotel room in Dublin, VA, officers seized a King Ranch F-150 pickup truck, Polaris four-wheeler, Troy-built zero turn mower, and over $5,100. WCSO didn’t specify where these items were taken from.

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May 31 seizure announcement

(Photo: Wythe County Sheriff’s Office)

On May 31, around 2 p.m., WCSO announced they made another seizure linked to the meth distribution investigation and reported that their cash seizures, at that point, were over $10,000 in cash.

May 31 police chase

Later, on the night of May 31, WCSO announced they arrested Cerrone Lemar Lee and Christian Skye Crockett.

(Photo: Wythe Sheriff’s Office)

According to the Sheriff’s Office, police attempted to stop the two men in relation to the ongoing narcotics investigation, but they didn’t stop. Instead, they reportedly initiated a police chase through Wytheville.

WCSO said when law enforcement were able to stop the two on Railroad Ave. Crockett ran. But both men were apprehended.

WCSO said deputies seized:

  • 558 Grams of Methamphetamine
  • 58 Grams of Cocaine
  • 29 Grams of Mushrooms
  • A large amount of Fentanyl Pills
  • $4,139 in cash
(Photo: Wythe County Sheriff’s Office)

Charges filed against them include:

  • Distribution of Cocaine over 10 grams
  • Drug Conspiracy 3 counts
  • Distribution of more than 100 grams of methamphetamine
  • Distribution of Schedule 1 mushrooms
  • Eluding

More charges will follow, WCSO stated.

WCSO isn’t finished

Lee and Crockett aren’t the only ones facing more charges. WCSO forewarned that this investigation is continuing along with its fight against drugs in Wythe and more arrests, charges, and seizures are expected.

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