Frederick County deputy injured in Shenandoah dump truck crash

Although a charge has already been filed, Virginia State Police is still investigating a crash in Shenandoah County involving a dump truck and a police vehicle at the 292 mile marker.

The incident occurred this morning around 5:45 on Interstate 81.

According to VSP, 71-year-old Gaylon Miller of Toms Brook, was heading north and accidently engaged the dump bed. The raised dump bed hit the Rt. 646 overpass and detached from the truck.

The detached bed slid backwards, said VSP, and landed on a northbound 2022 Ford Explorer belonging to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

(Photos: VSP)

The deputy, who wasn’t named, was transported to Winchester Medical Center for treatment. VSP characterized the injuries as minor.

Miller wasn’t injured. Thus far, he is charged with reckless driving.

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