Northumberland’s fatal Browns Store Rd. stabbing: suspect was ‘visiting family’

Rishon Winkler, the 20-year-old Baltimore man accused in the previously reported fatal stabbing on Browns Store Rd. last Saturday was caught within miles of the crime scene, according to an update from Northumberland Sheriff’s Office.

When dispatch received the report of a stabbing in the 2700 block of Browns Store Rd., deputies arrived within minutes, NCSO reported. One victim, an unnamed woman, was in the driveway suffering from multiple stab wounds, but she was able to tell police that there was another victim in the house, and she provided a description of Winkler.

Rishon Winkler (Mugshot: NNRJ)

The other victim, Richard E. Jacks, age 58, was already dead and appeared to have succumbed to multiple apparent stab wounds, NCSO stated.

Multiple agencies worked with Northumberland police to search the area, but it was a tip that helped expediate Winkler’s capture, the Sheriff’s Office explained. A clerk at the nearby Browns Store Market on Beanes Rd. called police to report a man came in wearing dark clothes, used the store’s kitchen sink, then left. That person matched the female victim’s description, NCSO said.

Police set up a search effort in the area near the store and caught Winkler nearby around the intersection of Beanes Rd. and Courthouse Rd. NCSO said it’s likely Winkler left the crime scene on foot.

A motive for the crime wasn’t provided, but NCSO said Winkler was at Brown Store residence where the incident occurred visiting family.

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