Leesburg man facing abduction charges & more after incident involving adult and children

A 53-year-old Leesburg, VA man is facing a list of charges after an incident where he allegedly tried use his vehicle to hit a vehicle carrying children.

Leesburg Police Department said its officers were dispatched to the 800 block of Anne Street SW on Wednesday around 6 p.m. A male, later identified as Allen Kenneth Shreve, III, was reportedly following another vehicle attempting to strike it with his, police stated.

After arriving, police determined that in the midst of this incident, at one point, Shreve blocked the victim’s vehicle preventing free passage. The driver tried to get away by driving across “multiple lawns,” and according to LPD, Shreve pursued the vehicle, which in addition to the adult, was carrying two children.

Shreve also hit and knocked down a fire hydrant, LPD reported.

Shreve was arrested without anyone being injured, said LPD, which listed an array of array of charges brought against him Shreve. He’s faced with 3 counts of abduction, 3 counts of simple assault, DWI: 2nd offense in 10 years, property destruction, and some traffic charges.

The victim was a person he knew, LPD noted.

Shreve has an extensive history spanning back over a decade for being charged with menacing offenses, court records show. Although many have of his run-ins with the law ended with the charges being dropped or dismissed, that’s not the case with all of them.

A public swearing/ intoxication charge from 2017 is listed as prepaid. He was found guilty on charges, including public intoxication and using profane language over a public airway in 2014 and was also guilty of a 2022 charge for causing a phone to ring to annoy or hinder emergency communication, the records show.

Shreve is currently being held without bond in Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.

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