Man arrested for making threats against Richmond County Sheriff’s Office

Richmond County Sheriff Stephan Smith revealed that him and members of his staff were recently the  targets of death threats.

According to the Sheriff, on Christmas day, some not very merry emails began coming in to him and members of the administrative staff “by an individual claiming he was going to hunt us down and give us death by a bullet.

That same individual called in a bomb threat at Food Lion in Warsaw on December 29, he added. An investigation conducted by Richmond County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from Westmoreland Sheriff’s Office led to the arrest of Brian Joseph Booth, a 41-year-old man from Kinsale, an area in Westmoreland.

He is charged with three counts of death or bodily injury to a person and a misdemeanor of giving false report to a law enforcement officer.

Smith did not provide a motive for Booth’s alleged offenses. A search of the statewide records system shows Booth does not have a criminal history in Virginia.

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