Dead fetus found in a pond in Leesburg, VA

Leesburg Police have launched an investigation and are urging the public to reach out with any information regarding a deceased “late-term fetus” found in a pond.

According to LPD, the body was discovered in the pond behind Park Gate Drive SE by a community member around 4:30 p.m. on March 11.

That pond is nestled in a residential community and circled by a trail. Houses run the length along both sides of the pond, and Stryker, a medical technologies and healthcare company, sits at one corner.

Emergency services promptly responded the report of the body, the area was secured, and the fetus was removed and transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Virginia for an autopsy.

“This is a deeply tragic situation,” said Leesburg Police Chief Thea Pirnat. “We urge anyone with information to come forward, not just for the sake of the investigation, but also to ensure that those in need are provided appropriate medical attention and services.”

LPD said this investigation is being treated with the “utmost seriousness and sensitivity,” and the department is accepting information through a range of means, including 911.

Other options to reach LPD include:

  • Non-Emergency: 703-771-4500
  • Anonymous Tip Line: 703-443-TIPS
  • Email Tips:
  • Anonymous Text Tips: text 274637. Begin your message with LPDTIP

Amid this incident, LPD also reminded the community there are resources available for individuals who may find themselves in distressing situations, including options for the safe and anonymous surrender of newborns under the Virginia Safe Haven laws.

Bishop Michael F. Burbidge said it was “with great sorrow” that he learned about the incident, and he added that the Diocese of Arlington has made it known they are willing to assist with the proper burial and committal of the remains.

Bishop Burbidge also encouraged all women who find themselves in unexpected or difficult pregnancies to seek assistance.

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